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Tree Diagnosis & Risk Assessment Services in Dagsboro, DE

Oftentimes it’s very difficult to tell what’s wrong with a tree. But it is very easy to tell that something is actually wrong. It’s sagging, losing leaves, leaking sap, or other abnormal symptoms. At the first realization of your tree acting different, you need to contact a professional arborist for an in-depth diagnosis. Arborists have studied trees for many years and have become very familiar when it comes to ensuring their well-being. At Lawson’s Tree Service and Landscaping, we’ve had years of training and service in Dagsboro, DE as arborists. We can diagnose your tree and assess the risk associated with saving it or removing it. Call us today and schedule a time for our specialists to come and look at your tree. We offer competitive pricing and friendly service.

tree during fall

What’s Wrong with My Tree?

There are many different types of diseases and health issues that trees can contract. If your leaves aren’t as green as usual, or you’ve spotted a few new bugs and caterpillars eating your bushes, you may have noticed something has changed in your tree. It’s important to act fast! You may not know how long the condition has been affecting your tree before you noticed it. Our team of professional arborists can accurately and quickly diagnose your trees and provide treatment or replacement services at affordable rates. Whether your plant has a common insect infestation or a severe tree disease, we’ll help you with the best course of action. If it is infected beyond saving, it’s important to schedule removal as quickly as possible before the infection spreads to your other trees, causing even more damage to your property.

Is My Tree Too Dangerous on My Property?

As trees age, they can become unstable, putting those around and under it at risk. Lawson’s Tree Service and Landscaping conducts in-person risk assessments for trees and other plants to keep everyone safe. With years of experience, we can assess if a tree is going to fall, drop heavy and dangerous branches, or become a risk for infection. Most trees, at some point, pose a risk of failure and danger. We can help point you in the right course of action. Additionally, we offer plenty of services like removal, pruning, and even stump grinding to keep your property looking great and staying safe. Call us today to schedule your tree risk assessment.

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